Tutorial: Error messages

Serverless Authentication Error messages

This table gives the most common error codes passed to the authentication callbacks (the list is not exhaustive):

Error Code Authentication
UNKNOWN_APPLICATION all The authentication request was on an nonexistent Webcom application.
PROVIDER_DISABLED all The authentication method is disabled for the application. You must enable it in the "authentication" tab of the Webcom developer console.
INVALID_PROVIDER_SETTINGS all The settings of the authentication method to update are invalid.
TOKEN_TOO_OLD all The provided authentication token must be fresher for the requested operation to complete, please re-authenticate before trying it again
email The given email or password are incorrect.
IDENTITY_TEMPORARILY_LOCKED email There have been too much sign-in failures with this identity. It will be locked down in a while.
MISSING_EMAIL_OR_PASSWORD email The authentication request is missing email or password.
EMAIL_TAKEN (sdk≤1.3.2)
email The identity to create cannot be created because an identity with the same email already exists.
email The identity used to sign in has not been verified.
TOO_WEAK_PASSWORD email The provided password is not strong enough (when creating an email/password identity or updating a password).
UNSUPPORTED_PROVIDER OAuth2 The OAuth2.0 identity provider is not supported by Webcom.
MISSING_PARAMETER OAuth2 The authentication request is missing some parameter.
UNAUTHORIZED_REQUEST_ORIGIN OAuth2 The authentication request was emitted from a non approved web origin. Authorized origins can be set in the "authentication" tab of the Webcom developer console.
INVALID_STATE OAuth2 The state parameter of the authentication request is invalid (maybe the request was intercepted by some unwanted people).
INVALID_TOKEN custom The token used to authenticate is invalid (may be bad-signed, expired or with wrong information).