Tutorial: JS SDK changelog

JS SDK changelog

comment:#(Version 2.7.1-3, 2019-09-03 documentation release only)

Version 2.8.0


  • feature add the Webcom#datasyncBaseURL property to ease the use of REST API in javaScript
  • feature add the api.WebcomApp class to represent a Webcom app associated to a Webcom platform
  • feature add a constructor signature to the Webcom class that accepts a api.WebcomApp descriptor
  • feature datasync: add a {@code goOnline} option to the Webcom constructor to prevent the websocket to be established at startup (WEBCOM-218)
  • fix datasync: make the {@code persist()} function save pending write operations together with locally cached data (WEBCOM-258)
  • fix datasync: a new subscription doesn't call its callbacks on cached data when it requires to send a listen command to the server and the websocket is already established (WEBCOM-245)
  • fix datasync: fix queries combining {@code startAt()} and {@code limit()} constraints when the queried node has already an ongoing subscription (WEBCOM-249)
  • fix datasync: make Webcom#goOnline and Webcom#goOffline switch on or off only the websocket associated to the Webcom instance (WEBCOM-218)
  • fix datasync: make a websocket switched off by Webcom#goOffline stay off until the next call to Webcom#goOnline, even if the network comes online (WEBCOM-218)
  • fix datasync: make each websocket save its own authentication state without collision with each other (WEBCOM-218)
  • fix datasync: make the local authentication callbacks passed to the Webcom#authXXX methods not require a datasync websocket to be called (WEBCOM-218)
  • fix datasync: fixed queries with startAt() and limit() (WEBCOM-249)
  • misc datasync: use the new /datasync/v2 route to establish the websocket (WEBCOM-228)

comment:#(Version 2.7.1-2, 2019-06-20 documentation release only)

comment:#(Version 2.7.1-1, 2019-04-04 documentation release only)

Version 2.7.1


  • feature datasync: add Webcom#shouldBeOnline to get the websocket connectivity state expected by the user
  • fix auth: fix the promise returned by the new Webcom#updateIdentityProfile function
  • misc update dependencies of nodejs version: faye-websocket (0.11.1), request (2.88.0), babel-runtime (6.26.0)

Version 2.7.0


Version 2.6.1


  • fix fix some REST request that were failing in nodejs
  • misc doc: replace bower with node in the quickreference guide

Version 2.6.0


  • feature datasync: add a persistent mode to make it possible to work offline
  • fix datasync: make several queries on the same node work together
  • fix datasync: properly initialize the online monitor when run on Android
  • fix datasync: adapt the promises returned by the Webcom API to work properly with iOS native callbacks
  • misc doc: fix typo in wakeup doc

Version 2.5.0


Version 2.4.1


  • misc doc: fix typo in equalsTo Quary SDK method
  • misc doc: fix typo in REST API tutorial
  • misc doc: fix android api doc references

    (doc fixes only)

Version 2.4.0


Version 2.3.2


  • fix a mis-wired test was randomly crashing the websocket initialization in NodeJs

Version 2.3.1


  • fix auth: fix the Promise returned by authWithPrivateKey()

Version 2.3.0


  • feature auth: authentication with a custom 3rd-party identity provider
  • fix auth: improve the management of rejected promises when using ES5-callback style
  • misc doc: update tutorials with OIDC and custom login

Version 2.2.1


  • fix auth: fix POST requests in nodejs, with forms including a JSON object field

Version 2.2.0


Version 2.1.0


Version 2.0.0


  • feature auth: add authentication with Mobile Connect for some Orange countries (France, Spain, Morocco, Jordan, Madagascar)
  • feature auth: add support for Orange-Wassup authentication (used by mobile SDKs that encapsulate the javascript SDK)
  • break auth: some error message codes have changed for authentication-related operations
  • feature auth: improve the error message of XHR requests in case of network error

Version 1.3.2


  • feature auth: add authentication with login-oauth2
  • feature auth: add an optional user-profile option to the authWithPassword method
  • feature auth: add the authWithToken and authWithPrivateKey methods and deprecate the auth method
  • feature auth: use the callback function passed to authXXX methods act as a (local) Promise-callback and no longer register it as a global authentication callback

  • fix auth: fix transport for REST request in nodejs

  • fix datasync: fix transaction method when the hash of the data to update has changed

  • break auth: deprecate the unauth method, use logout instead

Version 1.2.4


  • fix proxy usage with nodejs

Version 1.2.3


  • fix proxy support for node. Uses HTTPS_PROXY or https_proxy environment variable.

Version 1.2.2


  • feature auth: add anonymous login feature
  • feature datasync: add the transaction method

Version 1.0.3


  • fix fix crash on react-native: returns empty useragent if navigator.useragent undefined

Version 1.0.1


  • break change namespace URL
    • Before : https://webcom.orange.com/base/YOUR_NAMESPACE
    • Now : https://io.datasync.orange.com/base/YOUR_NAMESPACE
  • fix auth: use XHR for login purpose with Safari browsers

Version 0.2.3


  • feature add proxy support for nodejs:

    Use HTTPS_PROXY env variable to set a proxy, for example:

    • http://proxy.example.com
    • http://username:password@proxy.example.com (with auth)