Tutorial: Serverless Database

Serverless Database

Webcom real-time database component relies on a tree-like data model equivalent to a JSON object. This chapter shows how to basically structure, read and write data with this model.

A major feature of the database component is its ability to subscribe to data updates. When subscribing, such updates may be notified in real time through three possible channels:

  • Direct realtime notification of the client application (this is the most efficient channel, it requires the establishment of a web-socket between the client and the Webcom back end),
  • Mobile « push » notifications, they are based on the messaging service available on mobile devices and make it possible to wake the client application up if it is closed or idle in background,
  • Server-side webhooks, they consist in notifying an HTTP endpoint, aimed at triggering an action performance by a back end component.

Access to the data (read/subscribe and write permissions) is controlled by a powerful and accurate security engine, which is based on a set of security rules directly provisioned by the application developer.