Tutorial: Limitations

Tips and Tricks Limitations

Limitations on keys

  • All characters allowed on keys expected :
    • . (period)
    • $ (dollar sign)
    • [ (left square bracket)
    • ] (right square bracket)
    • # (hash or pound sign)
    • / (forward slash)
    • ASCII Control Characters (0-31 and 127)
  • Maximum key length is 256 characters
  • Maximum children count is 50000 on each internal tree node.
  • Maximum keyset size (sum of all children length) is 10MiB on each internal tree node.
  • Maximum depth: 32 nested levels maximum on your data tree

Limitations on values

  • All characters allowed on string values
  • Maximum string value size is 10MiB

Limitations on read and subscribe operations

  • Maximum node data size where a subscription can be done with on() and once() method is 10 MiB (even if filtered with a query)

Limitation on write operations

  • Maximum data size when writing (set(), push(), update()) is 10 MiB