Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How To

Read the API is a good way to learn how Webcom works but during development you might have the following questions:

  • How to synchronise my client time with the Webcom server? → answer
  • How to write a consistent timestamped value into my application database? → answer
  • How to get the connection state of my client? → answer
  • What are the limitations on the keys and values I can store in my Webcom database? → answer
  • What is the key order used for queries? → answer
  • How to manage data nodes with large number of children? → answer
  • How to use the authentication service without the realtime database one? → answer
  • How to watch acknowledgement of data from the Webcom back end? → answer


This section also provides some concrete examples of applications that you may be inspired by.